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I have a folder filled with images of interiors that I have saved simply because I love something about each one. Every other week, I will post a few of these images and describe why I fell in love with them. This digital folder is not organized or labeled (I need to work on that) so I apologize for not labeling each image. If you know where one came from, please let me know.

This interior is very dramatic. The grouped gold wall art pops against that dark blue wall, which also bring out the gold pillows on the sofa. By using the clear coffee table, the focus is on the zebra rug and all the pattern and color on the white sofa!

This vanity is very chic and elegant! I love the diamond pattern on the walls. Its either wallpaper or painted. I would be thrilled to get ready everyday in this space!

This room is very neutral with a lot of texture and pattern. The rug really brings the room together and the orange pillow adds a much needed pop of color.

The soft colors are a beautiful backdrop for that bright yellow chair. It is very unpredictable and bold!

I was drawn to this interior because of that gorgeous chandelier! I want one for my dinning room! Also, the piano is stunning in the corner with that beautiful view of the city.

Besides the color scheme using my favorite color (turquoise), I love that silver coffee table! Don't be afraid to add different furniture finishes to a space.

Images from my (unorganized) design inspiration folder. Please let me know if one of these images is yours or if you know where it came from, as I just save images I love! ******************

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