Baby Boy Music Nursery

Well, my baby boy is now 11 months old and I am just getting around to posting photos of his nursery! It is currently filled with toys! I started blogging a little while before I became pregnant and was loving it. However, once I found out I was pregnant...my blogging slowed down. I was busy with work and filled with excitement planning everything for my baby! I figured that after baby came, I would get back to my blog! Well, if I thought I was busy before baby...I was wrong! =)

 I have been learning how to juggle my work while being a new mom....and now I think I'm getting the hang of it! So I'm back and here to stay!

My husband plays the guitar and was in a band throughout high school and college. Music is very important to him so I thought it would be great to design our baby's nursery around a music theme.

I love how the bright colors in the fabric play against the dark wood crib. I sewed the crib skirt, using Michael Miller guitar fabric and also painted the artwork above the crib. I am a beginner with the sewing machine so I was thrilled with how the crib skirt came out (I went a little crazy making blankets and burp cloths since those are great beginner projects)!

I made this cute Guitar pillow to replicate my husbands guitar. The green clock is from Target and the adorable foot stool was a gift from a friend but I know she bought it on Etsy!

These photos were taken after my son was born so there are a few framed photos of him and a shadow box with his hand and foot prints. The walls are painted a soft beige. I wanted all the colors to pop against a light background.

If I had to choose my favorite piece in my son's nursery, it would be a toss up between the cool guitar lamp from Pottery Barn and the bright green throw rug (that I just realized you can't see very well in all my photos) from Target. The lamp really sets the theme and not to mention some style! After some thinking, I decided to splurge on the lamp for the room, especially after figuring that it is not "babyish" so therefore can be used for a long time in either my son's room or around the house (I'm thinking in a future office)! And as for the bright green rug...enough said! The bright color was exciting and made us happy!!

Designing baby nurseries are so much fun and exciting! I began searching for the perfect fabric for the crib since I was not happy with any crib sets out there. Once I chose the fabric (fell in love with the Michael Miller fabric) I used that to pull everything else together. I would bring a swatch of the fabric around with me to color match (or coordinate since I didn't want everything too matchy-matchy).

I hope you enjoyed these photos of my baby's nursery! I would love to hear about your experiences with designing your children's rooms!


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