Glass House

Have you heard of that new TV show, The Glass House? It airs on Mondays at 9pm on ABC. My hubby is working on the show so I have been watching! 

14 contestants living in a house are competing for a cash prize. But lets forget about the show, the house is just awesome!! My favorite part of these reality shows is the design of the houses. The art department really does a great job at designing these interior spaces.

This house incorporates a lot of glass...especially the outside! We can see right through the whole house. It is very modern and kinda reminds me of a night club. Very cool!

I love the kitchen island with what appears to be cracked shattered glass raised bar. And those stools are very modern and fun!

The sitting room has a sectional with two organic looking coffee tables. I just love those pillows!

The living room is very modern but also has a traditional play on it as well. I LOVE that lamp! The bright green round chairs look like so much fun to move around for different seating options.

I love all the fun patterned throw pillows on the seating bench near the Jacuzzi area. And that basket with the striped towels is such a stylish idea!

This bedroom is very cool and masculine. That design on the wall reminds me of the X games for some reason. Or maybe a little rock and roll! That side table is such an interesting design and a red floor! Wow!

This bedroom is simply elegant but that pattern really grabs your attention.

The bathroom is amazing! I would love to take a shower in that spacious glass shower (minus being in front of cameras and fellow contestants of course)! Aren't those steel vessel sinks gorgeous?! The wall of circles for storage with lighting definitely makes a statement.  

This little lounge area is so stylish and relaxing. I really would like to know how comfy those chairs are! 

What do you think of The Glass House design? Have you seen the show on TV yet?

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