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Ever wish you had a place in your home to throw shoes, jackets, etc, after walking in the door? I sure wish I did! But I do not have a large laundry room or extra space in my entry way. Here are a few images that I found of beautiful mud rooms and entry ways with storage.

I love the numbers placed on the bottom of the bench. Such detail! This space is very simple yet you can tell there is a lot of organization to it. I'm sure that cabinet on the left can hold a lot.
via Working Woman's Guide to Domestic Success

This space is very cheerful! There is definetly a lot of individual storage areas.
via Real Simple

This space has a worldly style with the maps on the wall and the antique decor on top of the furniture piece. See, storage can be stylish!

This mudroom is also the laundry room. A great way to combine two important functions into one. By adding a vase with flowers and keeping storage behind closed doors, this room does not feel cluttered at all.
via john and michele blog

Again, by adding some pretty decor items above the storage piece, you take the focus off of the shoes and hung items.
via Decor Pad

This mud room has to be the most functional, just look at that dog bed! How creative!
via Home House Design

This entry way is proof that you do not need a very large space to add some storage and organization to your home. I love how everything is labeled!
via Home Life

Do you have a room or certain area in your home that helps you feel organized?

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