Gorgeous Grilles

I've always thought those air vents just get in the way when decorating a wall! And sometimes they are located in awkward areas. Sometimes I paint them the same color as the wall to help them blend in and also have kept them white to match moulding. But this still does not make them look pretty at all. I have recently come across Pattern Cut who makes these beautiful air conditioning and heating grille covers!

The wood grilles can be cut to any size and any shape that you need. They are laser cut from 1/4" thick Baltic birch hardwood ply with oak, maple or cherry furniture grade face veneer. Prices varies depending on size but start at $30 each. I am definitely going to order a few for my home! Take a look...

Return Air Filter before

Return Air Filter after
All images via Pattern Cut


  1. These are FANTASTIC...I swear Im going to get one of these or two. Makes the normal ones look so BORING... :)))))))

  2. I went crazy when I found this site! The normal ones are definitely boring!! =)

  3. Thank you Michelle! We greatly appreciate your business!


    Robert Mercado



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