Painting Tips

Choosing the right color

First off, when selecting a wall color, you need to take the color of your floors into consideration. Usually, people think only about how a paint hue relates to their furniture and forget that their floors have a color too. You need to experiment with warmer and cooler versions of the shade you think you want.

Remember that samples are cheap but repainting a room is not.
You can paint large test swatches on the walls or paint pieces of poster board, which can be moved around to see how colors look in different light. Don't forget to feather the edges with a brush, when painting the on the wall, to avoid creating ridges that will need to be sanded.

Selecting a finish

Figuring out which finish to use depends on taste and your lifestyle. Flat finishes have barely any sheen and usually absorb light and hide imperfections. I love eggshell because it has a subtle sheen and texture and is MORE durable and washable which is always nice, especially if you have children! Semigloss is even more durable and washable and has an obvious sheen, this finish is great for woodwork and doors!

Then there are high-gloss finishes which are best for bathrooms. Try to buy a paint that is moisture resistant when painting your bathroom.

Don't be afraid of color

People often choose white walls because they do not want to commit to a particular color. I can totally understand that! But keep in mind that in a white space, it is harder to make white furniture look good. With color on the wall, white furniture tends to stand out.

Easy maintenance tips

Keep a small jar of paint and a sponge brush handy for touchups. If stored indoors, latex paint can last a decade.

To clean walls, apply mild dish soap to a wet cloth and gently wipe away stains; never apply soap directly to a wall.

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