Do you RUE?

Only a few more days until the first issue of Rue Magazine (September 16th to be exact)! I am very excited! I am sure you have all heard about this new online magazine by now but if you have not...

The lovely and talented Crystal Gentilello, Anne Sage, Alain Kaczmarski, and Caitlin Flemming, who met through the blogging world, formed their own design magazine.

Rue Magazine gave us two sneak peaks so far of the first issue! I don't know about you but it definitely has left me wanting more.

Sneak peak #1...

Look at that Chandelier! Love the soft colors with the dark furniture and wall decor. Very Chic!

Sneak Peak #2...

This bookcase is stylized perfectly with old and new!

This interior is just luxurious! I want to move in! That rug is amazing.

Don't forget to spread the word with a "Do You Rue?" button on your blog. I just did! Go here to get a button and post it in your margins and link to their site!

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