DIY Friday - Wall Stencil

Happy Friday! Hope you are enjoying your summer so far! I know I am. Can you believe it is going to be August in a few days!? Crazy!

Anyways, a while ago I wanted to do something with the back wall in my dining room. I felt that additional artwork or family photos would be a little too much since the opposite walls both had gallery photo walls. I loved the idea of wall paper but unfortunately everything I liked was out of our budget. So I turned to Pinterest of course and did a little research of stenciling. I found a link, which I can no longer find, that offered a printable that I could re-size and cut out of cardboard. I followed the bloggers instructions and got to work. 

Then I began tracing my template onto the wall. I did a little at a time because you can imagine how tedious this was. 

My lines were not as even as I would of liked and I didn't think about using a level as I moved on from one side of the wall to the other (which I will explain later). However, I was slowly moving a long and loving it as I stepped away admiring the once boring wall. 

So now that my stenciling wall is finished, you want to know what I learned from this project? Next time, buy a stencil to tape to the wall instead of making my own! Or just be a little more precise in my stenciling...like use a level and a ruler! 

DIY Learning experience:

-I should of made sure the stencil was level and cut more carefully.

-When placing it on the wall to trace, I wish I would of used a level to make 
  sure each shape was lined up correctly.

-I should of started my stenciling in the center of the wall in order for each 
  end to look the same.

-Lastly, I wish I would of traced a few of the shapes onto paper first to see 
  how each one played off of each other. 

Well, you live and you learn right? Overall, I am very happy with how my wall stenciling turned out! And when people come into my home and admire it from afar, they don't notice all the little imperfections that I know are there! 

Here are a few examples of interior walls with stenciling that I love! I cannot get over how much they look like wallpaper!

                                                 via BHG



Have you tried stenciling a wall? Ok, stenciling anything? I'd love to hear about your experience and/or any tips that you learned along the way!

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